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Marek Markiewicz

Dentist Marek Markiewicz the owner and founder of the Perfect Smile Clinic, together with his friend Tomasz Zarański, runs one of the best and most modern equipped dental clinic since 2008. The driving force of the clinic is the common passion of the copartners. As a graduate of Medical University in Gdańsk he specializes in implantology, dental surgery, prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Marek Markiewicz 01
Ph.D. Marek Markiewicz

His work is his passion, this is why he still improves his skills, and employees the latest treatment methods. Thanks to direct access to valuable diagnostic tools such as computed tomography, digital radiography, he provides dental health services at the highest level. Together with Ph.D. Thomas Zarański, they engage a global treatment planning, and basing on a detailed diagnosis, discuss with the patient any alternative treatment options. Care about patient’s comfort and stress-free atmosphere are the most important principles in the clinic. It is worth to add, that Ph. D. Marek Markiewicz is an active member of the world’s most important dental associations:

  • Polish Association ofImplantology PSI;
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie DGOI;
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists ICOI.

Doctor’s achievements and titles:

Despite many years of clinical experience, as it was said before, Ph.D. Markiewicz constantly improves his skills by participation in conferences and courses conducted by the world’s largest authorities such as Dr. Carl Misch, Dr. Maurice Salama, Ph.D. K.Valavanis, prof. Ady Palti. Dr. Marek Markiewicz is a graduate of Curriculum Implantology within the postgraduate education organized by the Polish Association of Implantology. Acquired skills have been confirmed by the Diploma in Implant Dentistry (license number 22/2012).

After work, he is a happy husband and father of three boys, moreover, he is a passionate traveler. Besides travels, he is interested in motorization and sports.