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Ph.D. Ewelina Lenartowska

Ph.D. Ewelina Lenartowska is a graduate of medicine and dentistry at the Medical University in Gdansk. In her professional work she deals mainly with conservative ,aesthetic and pediatric dentistry. She specializes in restoring aesthetic teeth, which can change a patient’s smile during one visit. Doctor Ewelina Lenartowska uses her manual skills, visual sense and sense of aesthetics, precision and attention to detail in working with the patient.

She develops his knowledge and skills through participation in specialist courses, trainings and conferences. Dr. Ewelina Lenartowska is a dentist who implements every patient treatment plan with great passion and commitment. The artistic sense and medical knowledge allow Dr. Lenartowska for aesthetic reconstruction at the highest level.

dr Ewelina Lenartowska 01
dr Ewelina Lenartowska